My very FIRST Quilting Blog Hop!


I have been so nervous about participating in this quilting blog hop.  I was unsure as to what I was expected to do, what fabrics to use, could I do my own version or did I have to follow the pattern to a “T”.  Carol emailed me last week to remind me that my day was the 23rd and my level of anxiety went through the roof!  Well, here I am…..and major thanks to Carol because although I grew anxious, her note to me was reassuring and encouraging… Carol, Thank you!

A couple of pics of my process….the hardest thing for me is picking out fabrics but since I have been on a somewhat “retro” kind frame of mind, I finally ended up using the colors I have chosen for a big quilt for me and used some of them for the bowls…, here are my bowls!!!


I was ready, tape, pencil, pencil sharpener, pattern, instructions, Steam A Seam sheets


First Bowls tracings

……you know it!…..of course I traced it on the wrong side!!!


Well, here they are….yes, I know, they are not sewn together yet but I’m hoping that maybe I can sew them together tonight, after I get back home from dinner and celebrating my DIL’s birthday…..we’ll see.

The final blocks will look like this. I did not use the little base for the bowls. To me they are “kitchen” bowls so they don’t need the fancy little bottom.



Well, that’s it for now….I know some of you are on EST and I am on Pacific time (California) so some of you will see the not-totally-finished product and others might see the final product.

Thank you soooooo much for your support and for allowing me to participate…..I can tell that most of you, if not all of you are veterans for these hop blogs and I am reading all your postings and will go in an post on your blogs in the next couple of days.  I am hardly ever busy but no sooner I signed up for this hop blog is like I have had something to do every day which normally as a retired woman (YOUNG retired woman!) don’t have to do.

Finally today July 23rd, 2012!!!!

I finally get back to my blog or website or whatever it is called! For someone who is retired it seems like the days go by sooooo fast and I had not gotten back to writing on my blog. I really cannot explain where the days go or the hours in the day!! Before I realize it it is 5 p.m. Like right now and I am just getting to write. God knows I don’t know what I’m going to write about but I REALLY would like to know where July went to? What all did I accomplish this month of July.

Let’s see… I made a dress for fourth of July for my granddaughter, I also made a cushion and four small pillows for the reading nook in her bedroom (pics will follow) and I made a Matelasse throw for a client for a 50th wedding anniversary. I did babysitting but that was in the evenings and I don’t sew in the evenings, so that did not interfere with the writing. Although now that I am saying this, the truth is I don’t do much after sunset, don’t know why, but to me it seems that by the time 7:00 p.m. Rolls around I’m winding down from the day. Of course when I am babysitting I don’t put her to bed until around 8:30 and every night last week it was 10 o’clock or close to it and she was still awake asking for water or another story or something. Quite frankly by the time I oher to bed I’m pooped…I mean after fixing her dinner, picking up the kitchen, giving her a bath, putting on pajamas, combing that beautiful curly hair, sitting her on the potty and reading stories while there and then the worst, the VERY worst… brushing her teeth!!!! Then at least one more story once she is in bed!!!! I’m quite pooped, so the most I do after that is watch TV or peruse Pinterest or play WWF. I forget, but at what age do kids learn to brush their own teeth?!?!!!?!

I don’t mind doing everything else, I do it with a smile on my face and most times she and I are having a conversation about some computer something she is doing or some cartoon she is watching or maybe she is “helping” me fix dinner…..but the teeth!!!! OH that teeth brushing is the death of me!!! I try explaining to her how responsible I feel that they are brushed properly because we need to avoid cavities, etc. but she has to wiggle or try to tell me a story/conversation while I’m trying to brush!!!! Ok, enough.

Oh, I also did go to Gilbert, AZ to spend three days with my friend Sandi and although we never left her house, we did go over ALL her fabrics!!!!! And she weeded out what she knew she was not going to use and we reorganized her fabric stash (she has enough fabric to open a store!!! I’m not exaggerating!!!!). I came home with about 5 huge bags (like the big green trash bags, except these were clear and long) and an old Riccar sewing machine, because she had picked up like 5 old machines, cleaned them out and oiled them. Now that I think of it, I have no idea why she is buying these older machines. All I know is she offered one to me and I took it, but at least I have the excuse that I may take in more private sewing students and they may not have a machine….yeah, right!!

After I weeded out the fabrics I brought, I gave what I was not going to use to an older lady in my building who owns a sewing machine but has limited retirement income to purchase fabrics, so all in all it was a good and productive trip and yes, I told the lady that the fabric had come from my friend Sandi in AZ, I did not take the credit for the donation.

Sooooo….you know that after all that I HAD to reorganize MY sewing room!!!!! So that’s what I’ve been doing all weekend and today. I’ll post pics later!!!! I guess now I know where the month of July went.

That’s all for today, I’m pooped!!! HA!!!



Back of sailor dress



I have spent most of this day figuring out WordPress and how to upload photos to my blog.  Just a few minutes ago I had success!!!! So now I am going to upload something else just to make sure I remember how the heck I finally got it to work!!!

When it comes to computers I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, notwithstanding the fact that I worked for IBM Corp. for 30 years….but God sent me a wonderful and computer gifted son so I’m in good hands, though sometimes he makes me “work” to figure things out….like today!


Reversible Hostess Apron

Other side Hostess Apron

Where to begin….

Miranda modeling headband.

This is my very first “post”, I’m excited and nervous. Excited because I am starting something new and I like to try new things. Nervous because I’m not sure what to write about or if anyone will care to read it, etc. all the insecurities of trying something new. But write I will!

I live in beautiful downtown Burbank, California and have lived here for the last 5 1/2 years after the birth of my one and only grandchild, Miranda Skye. My son is also an “only”. He was blessed in finding his wife Jennifer, she loves him dearly and is an excellent mom to Miranda. Ok, this is a little about my little family in California.

I mostly do embroidery and monogramming but…I also do quilting, sewing, and all kinds of crafts that come my way. I have been encouraged to do this blog by my son who created it for me. I am inspired by all the young people on Pinterest (well, at least in their pictures they look young!) and finally I wanted to participate in a quilting “blog hop” and as part of it I needed to have content on the blog. So here I am!

I will post pictures of the things I do and I’m even thinking about finally starting to sell items on ETSY. I have had an ETSY shop since ETSY started but I have never posted anything for sale there, I don’t know why, well I kinda know but that’s something that for the time being is personal.

Santa Bag


Personalized Santa Bag in fine red velvet and lined with fine bridal satin fabric. Approximate measurements 22″ long x 22″ wide. I can custom make them to the size you want. I also make a Hanukkah version in the Royal blue velvet with either gold or silver embroidery and tie.

Price $65.00